Friday, March 18, 2011

Today in History Fridays!

Winnie and Phinn would like to announce the start of “Today in History Fridays”, a fun, quick history lesson!

On March 18th in history…

  • 1852 – Henry Wells & William G. Fargo begin their company, Wells Fargo & Company
  • 1766 – British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act in the American colonies
  • 1837 – Future American President Grover Cleveland is born in Caldwell, NJ
  • 2002 – After an unfortunate fatal accident at a hockey game, the NHL changed rules to include a net behind each goal to prevent pucks flying into the stands.
  • 1925 – The “Tri-State Tornado”, the worst tornado in American history touches down in the Midwest, causing $17,000,000 in property damage and claiming the lives of 695 people.
  • 1932 – In Shillington, PA, famous Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Updike is born. His literary works include contributions to the New Yorker, as well as novels Rabbit, Run, Rabbit is Rich, and Rabbit at Rest.

We hope that you will check back in with us every week for some interesting facts you can share!

Enjoy your weekend and this beautiful spring like weather today!

Until next time…

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