Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Insurance for Pets in Cars

As you can certainly tell from reading this blog, we are huge dog lovers! Winnie and Phinn love to give helpful tips and share insurance knowledge, but one thing they haven’t done is explain what would happen to them if they were injured while riding in the car. Is your pet covered by your insurance if they needed veterinarian care?

Here's a picture of Winnie getting ready to leave on vacation with us.

Previously, unless you purchased separate pet insurance, any injuries or veterinarian bills would be paid out of pocket. However, due to increased consumer demand, several carriers have broadened the coverage provided on their personal auto forms to include injuries and costs incurred with pets.

Depending on your carrier if you’re traveling and you get into an accident, vet bills up to $1,000 will be paid for from your policy. Also, if a “comprehensive” loss happens (other than collision) like fire, theft or glass breakage, any injuries to your pet are covered, again up to $1,000.

We love taking Winnie and Phinn for car rides with us, and it is comforting to know they are protected too! Again, this is an important question that should be discussed with your agent at Coffey Insurance to see if you have the coverage, and if it can be provided.

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