Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dog Trick Thursday!

We hope all you New England dog owners have taken advantage of the spring weather these last fews days and taken your doggies out for nice walks! It looks like Winnie and Phinn will be having a snow day tomorrow so we are letting them run around and burn off lots of energy today!

We taught Winnie and Phinn the trick of "crawling" a while back in puppy class and we gave them a refresher on it last night. They will really do anything for a treat!

Here's what you do to teach your dog! First, you need to get your dog in the sit position. Once he is sitting nicely, have him lie down. Make sure he stays.

The next part is a bit tricky, and if your dog is anything like Winnie and Phinn, you’re going to need some patience. Phinn just wanted to eat the snack and give you a lick to say thanks!

When you have them laying down, hold the treat in your fist closed up, and put it by their nose. Now you’ve got his attention! Kneeling down, hold your fist a few inches from his nose, and slowly drag you hand along the ground. Sometimes you might have to gently place your hand on his back to remind him to stay on the ground. Now as you pull your hand away, and he starts to “crawl”, praise him with a “good boy!” and give him the treat! It’s going to take some practice, but with clear instructions and lots of praise and patience, and your puppy will be “crawling” just like Winnie and Phinn!

Let us know how the trick training goes with your dogs!

Until next time...

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