Monday, February 21, 2011

Old man winter strikes again...

With the light snow flurry this morning it seemed appropriate to discuss the safety measures you can take for your home in the winter. Here in New England we certainly aren’t out of the woods yet for more snow this winter and usually towards the end of winter when spring is around the corner we experience many short “thaws”. Similar to the weather we had last week when we were able to enjoy a few days in the mid 50’s! It was perfect weather to chop up and get rid of that ice that has been frozen solid for weeks! However it is the freezing, thawing and refreezing cycle that can cause problems with your home. Winter is an important time of the year to make sure you are taking the proper measures to winterize your property and keep it safe to avoid insurance losses. Below Winnie and Phinn are going to share with you some simple and important steps you can take at home.

Winnie and Phinn love the snow!! I think they miss being able to tear around the yard and roll in the nice green grass but that doesn’t stop them from jumping in the snow banks and eating all that fluffy “white stuff” :)

Here are a few photos of them enjoying the snow!

According to the Insurance Information Institute (, Winnie and Phinn thought these were helpful winter tips they would like to share to help protect you and your property:

· Clear the walkways and entrances of your home from snow and ice to ensure the safety of yourself and guests.

· Watch for ice dams near gutter downspouts. It is important to keep gutters clean of leaves and debris so melting snow can flow freely. Ice dams can cause water problems inside your house.

· Heat your house to a minimum of 65 degrees. Remember the temperature inside the walls where the pipes are located is much colder than the temperature inside your home.

· Identify the location for the main water shutoff in your home. Find out how it works in case you have to use it.

· If you have an attached garage it is a good idea to keep the garage doors closed for extra insulation.

· Check your yard for ice build up on tree limbs, watch for dead, damaged or dangerous branches that could break and fall because of ice, snow or wind and damage your house, a car, or injure someone walking near your property.

· Use caution with fireplaces, wood stoves and electric heaters, watch them closely and make sure they are working properly.

· Going on vacation? Ask a neighbor to check the house regularly. If there is a problem with frozen pipes or water leakage, attending to it quickly could mean far less damage.

· If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, have the water system drained by a professional to keep pipes from freezing or bursting.

Most homeowners policies cover damage from frozen pipes and ice dams. If have any questions regarding your policy and/or coverage please feel free to ask your agent at Coffey Insurance. It is important to make sure you understand your coverage.

In the event of a loss caused by anything mentioned above, the most important thing is to call The Coffey Insurance Agency as soon as possible. Our agency can help you set up the claim, as well as help you understand the claim process and act as your contact with the company. With our team working hard with the claims department of your carrier, we can help ensure that your claim will be handled quickly, correctly, and with as little hassle as possible.

Well Winnie and Phinn have just headed out for their lunch time walk but they hope everyone stays warm and safe with their winter tips!

Until next time…

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